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HRGTech Technology

hrgtec is our division that focuses on the development of our digital customer experience, optimising customer services, automating processes, managing change and delivering innovation to our clients and colleagues.

Every one of our clients has different needs. No one is the same. The travel management solutions we build draw on an array of tried and tested tools that we can customise to give our clients the control they need. Many of those tools have been home-grown by HRG’s own developers, specifically for travel management applications and clients. But we won’t force a square peg into a round hole. We’ll work with existing suppliers wherever we need to, if it fits the bill best or if clients express a preference.


The technologies we recommend will transform the way you choose and book travel and accommodation, searching and presenting results from the most objective and comprehensive range of sources, saving countless hours and giving productivity a shot in the arm.


HRG is a passport to control. We’ll provide you with integrated tools to put your travel policies into effect, and govern where your people – and your budget – are going. And with the data and insight from our reporting tools, you need never be in the dark again.


It’s vital for modern organisations, not least for CSR purposes, to keep their travellers safe, wherever work takes them. HRG Insight offers clients complete visibility of employees’ movements on global or regional maps. Zoom in, filter, set alerts and track your most valuable assets.


Move to a more economical car, you save money when you travel. When you move to HRG, the same thing happens. Our technologies not only reduce your spending on travel; the efficiencies they introduce will boost productivity, too. Not only that: they produce stringent, measurable savings plans that map out exactly how much we’re going to save you.


Decades of experience in the travel and meetings business have gone into the development of our technologies. We know how different clients’ needs can vary, and how they can grow over time. The technologies we’ve developed have flexibility built in, and are in a state of constant refinement with every client they cater for.