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Finding the balance between cost containment and employee performance is key for businesses today. Companies like yours lose billions of pounds each year to traveller fatigue and low productivity. Increasingly, we are seeing that frequent travellers are more prone to obesity, DVT and heart disease, meaning the evaluation between the health and safety of travellers and the bottom line performance of businesses is fast becoming a top agenda item.

So what if you could identify, in advance, those travellers most at risk from burn out? And what if you could flex and optimise your programme to reduce the risk of it happening at all?

At HRG Consulting we can help.  We have a range of solutions including our Wellbeing dashboards which look at the ‘Stress Index’ of each traveller and highlight number of trips, nights and hours flown, in a highly visual and easy to use format. We give guidance on balancing travel policies based around wellbeing with cost saving and compliance, ensuring that one does not come at the expense of the other.

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