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Gender Pay Report

Gender Pay Report

Hogg Robinson has a people-first culture that drives performance through highly engaged employees who are passionate about everything we do. Our People are at the heart of everything we do as we care for each other as we care for our customers. This is one of our three values that represent who we are: People, Passion, Progress.

The figures below are set out in accordance with the regulations on gender pay gap reporting set out by the UK government. The data represents 1,333 people in the UK in a variety of roles of whom 70% are women.

An introduction to gender pay gap and our numbers

The term “gender pay gap” refers to the average pay of all women in the organisation, to the average pay of all men in the organisation across all roles, functions and levels.

This gap primarily reflects a difference in the proportion of men and women in different roles and at different levels of seniority. Men and women in the same roles with equal responsibility are paid the same.

HRG mean hourly pay gap: 43%

The mean hourly pay gap shows the difference between the average hourly pay of all women and the average hourly pay of all men at HRG in April 2018.

HRG median hourly gap: 30%

The median hourly pay gap shows the difference between the midpoint of the hourly pay for all women and the midpoint of hourly pay for all men at HRG in April 2018.

Distribution of HRG men and women employees across pay quartiles

Upper middle27%73%
Lower middle20%80%

The high percentage of women in the Upper Middle Quartile in Hogg Robinson is a very encouraging signal for the future. The significantly larger percentages of women in the bottom two quartiles lowers the average hourly pay rate for women, contributing to our overall pay gap. The gender pay gap reduces substantially, and falls below the national UK average (17.1%)* when we look at the difference between the average pay of men and women at each of the pay quartiles.