Global Consolidation

Global consolidation

For 15 years we have been expertly drawing information from multiple countries and sources using our Global Data Capture tool. We then consolidate and analyse the information according to each client’s needs to provide them with the most accurate and pertinent data on their travel spend.

We take the information locally, regardless of what agency or travel technology is used, cleanse it of any errors and feed it back to our in-house developed Global Data Warehouse.

Our ongoing investment in technology gives you the flexibility to integrate additional sources of information, including mobile phone, credit card and expense management data, at any time to make your data more complete.

Once the information has been collated and validated we can create reports to help you make informed purchasing decisions and improve budget management. For example, pre-trip reports help improve policy compliance, raise security alerts and ensure the best fares are used. Consolidated data also improves reconciliation and payment as well as highlighting any trends.

Finally, accurate and up-to-date information enables us to analyse and interpret your travel behaviour to help you find ways to maximise your budget and highlight further opportunities for cost reduction.